Month: April 2017

Trump’s Next Plan: War

This article is part of a new series called “Editors Notes” that will be published weekly.  Have you ever read The Prince by Machiavelli? I suggest that you do. It’s a terrific book that can be read over and over again as a playbook to consolidating and understanding power. It teaches you many things about how […]

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How We Should Look At Terrorism

When a terrorist attack occurs, and people are killed brutally and sometimes even creatively, both parties react; but how they react is much different. The Republican response is stricter immigration restrictions, the Democratic response is that the event is evidence of why we need stricter gun regulations. I’m not going to comment on which response […]

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The Republican Healthcare Damage Control

Since its conception, Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, has been the most disliked achievement by Democrats in quite a long time. If you were a Republican at a campaign rally, you were going to discuss Obamacare at some point, and what you were going to say would most likely not be positive. For eight […]

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